Here's the deal!

Everyone should know how to protect their investments, right?  Well here's how to protect yours. 

  • Keep the bandage on for at least three hours.  You can keep it on longer if you want, even over night is O.K.  not more than about twelve hours though. 
  • Wash it as soon as you take the bandage off.  Use warm/hot water and a fragrance free soap like Dove or Ivory and get it totally clean.  Get all the slime and gunk off of it, this may mean lathering and rinsing several times.  Just use your fingertips, nothing rough like a washcloth.
  • Once your tattoo is clean you can blot it dry with a clean towel.  Let it air dry and keep an eye on it for a few minutes, if it oozes or gets sticky then you should wash it again.
  • Wash your tattoo two or three times a day for two weeks.  It's good for you.
  • When your skin is dry apply a light coat of Aquaphor or similar healing ointment and rub it in until it soaks into your skin.

  • After the first two or three days you might notice your tattoo feeling dry and tight.  You can switch from the ointment to a white, unscented hand lotion like Aveeno, Eucerin, or Cetaphil. Apply it whenever it feels like it needs it.  Make sure to wait fifteen minutes after you wash it so it's dry before using lotion.

  • It will start flaking and itching after a few days.  This is normal so don't panic.  Your tattoo is not coming off!  It's important that you DO NOT scratch or pick at it.  This can damage your tattoo.  If lotion doesn't help then you can pat it lightly.
  • Do not soak or swim for at least ten days or until your completely done flaking.  Chlorine is bleach; not good for a new tattoo.  Standing water of any kind also harbors bacteria which can make you sick, so don't do it.
  • No sun or tanning for three weeks.  After your tattoo is healed you should get into the habit of putting sunscreen on it.  Tanning a tattoo is like buying art and then putting it behind tinted glass: What's the point?
  • Any questions or concerns should be directed to the artist, not your friends.  Please call.

 Thanks for trusting us with your tattoo,


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